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EUROLUCE opens its doors to Portuguese companies

EUROLUCE opens its doors to Portuguese companies

From 4 - 9 April, in Milan, the long-awaited International Lighting Trade Show, EUROLUCE, will take place.

Artinox, Castro Lighting, Creativemary, Crisbase, Daylight, K-Lighting, Lustrarte, Paulo Coelho, Valditaro, Vicente & Vicente and Villa Lumi (lighting), Blackcork (cork covering solutions) and São Bernardo (ceramics) are thirteen Portuguese companies that will be exhibiting at Euroluce, with around 400 sqm, through a joint participation organized by AIPI - Portuguese Lighting Association.

Euroluce will display a huge range of top quality goods. Originally conceived to respond to the demand for decorative lighting, the International Lighting Exhibition has steadily grown to encompass other sectors such as technical illumination, street lighting, light sources and their control systems, and is now the supreme benchmark for the Lighting sector.

Take the opportunity to visit these and other Portuguese companies, like DelightFULL, Flam & Luce and Mambo Unlimited Ideas, as well as their collections, where design and quality prevail. Let yourself be surprised!

Artinox (www.artinox.pt) - Hall 13 stand N06

Blackcork (www.blackcork.pt) - Hall 13 stand M08

Castro Lighting (www.castrolighting.com) - Hall 15 stand H42

Creativemary (www.creativemary.com.pt) - Hall 13 stand L05

Crisbase (www.crisbase.com) - Hall 13 stand L16

Daylight (www.soflight.com) - Hall 13 stand N10

K-Lighting by Candibambú (www.k-lighting.com) - Hall 13 stand N07

Lustrarte (www.lustrarte.pt) - Hall 13 stand N15

Paulo Coelho (www.paulo-coelho.com) - Hall 13 stand N12

São Bernardo (www.s-bernardo.pt) - Hall 13 stand N05

Valditaro (www.valditaro.pt) - Hall 13 stand P18

Vicente & Vicente (www.vicentevicente.com) - Hall 13 stand N02

Villa Lumi (www.villa-lumi.com) - Hall 13 stand N09




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