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Portuguese companies light up Paris

MAISON & OBJET will be held in Paris on 2-6 September 2016 and AIPI – Portuguese Lighting Association will light up the city through the participation of 6 Portuguese companies.

Keep on top of the latest consumer trends, inspiring experiences, and brand offers, with the show that takes you into three major sections, including two new spaces dedicated to textiles. MAISON is interior decoration. OBJET is concept and retail, while the third section INFLUENCES encompasses luxury, design and architecture. Cultivate the synergy of the M&O EXPERIENCE.

The following members of AIPI will be present at this September edition: Candibambú, Castro Lighting and Villa Lumi. In this joint participation organized by AIPI, we will also count with two cutlery companies, Cutipol and Herdmar, and Gencork, a brand of cork covering solutions.

Expanding the brand "Made in Portugal" across borders is our purpose.

Visit our companies:

Candibambú (www.k-lighting.com) Hall 5B M42

Castro Lighting (www.castrolighting.com) Hall 5B L30

Cutipol (www.cutipol.pt) Hall 5A O30/P29

Gencork (www.gencork.com) Hall 8 A93/B94

Herdmar (www.herdmar.com) Hall 5A O11

Villa Lumi (www.villa-lumi.com) Hall 4 F124



LOTE 47, R/C B


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F. +351 244 835 593
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