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Portuguese lighting on the way to Milan

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Portuguese lighting on the way to Milan 

It is with great enthusiasm that AIPI - Portuguese Lighting Association prepares another joint participation of Portuguese lighting companies in the renowned EUROLUCE international fair, which will be held from 09 to 14 April.

The AIPI Group has 10 companies, totaling 500 sqm, which will dictate design trends and show the excellent manufacturing quality of our product, in what is considered the best and most important trade show of the sector.

In this edition of EUROLUCE you can count on Artinox, Castro Lighting, Crisbase, K-Lighting, Latoaria Ponte Rol, Luxxu, São Bernardo, UTU, Valditaro and Villa Lumi. Also visit DelightFULL (hall 13 stand H24) and Flam&Luce (hall 13 stand L19 / M20). 

Locations of AIPI Group companies:

Artinox (www.artinox.pt) - Hall 15 stand G44

Castro Lighting (www.castrolighting.com) - Hall 9 stand G15

Crisbase (www.crisbase.com) - Hall 13 stand L01

K-Lighting by Candibambú (www.k-lighting.com) – Hall 11 stand M47/M43

Latoaria Ponte Rol (www.latoariaponterol.com) Hall 11 stand N38/N34

LUXXU (www.luxxu.net) Hall 11 stand G22

São Bernardo (www.s-bernardo.pt) – Hall 13 stand M02

UTU (www.utulamps.com) Hall 13 stand G18

Valditaro (www.valditaro.pt) - Hall 13 stand N18

Villa Lumi (www.villa-lumi.com) - Hall 13 stand M08



Portuguese lighting in Paris

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A new year begins and with it come new goals and trends, Paris is the city chosen to present the new products of 2019.

The international trade fair MAISON & OBJET PARIS will take place between 18 and 22 January and AIPI – Portuguese Lighting Association organizes the participation of eleven Portuguese companies.

This joint participation counts with renowned Portuguese companies, who will show both their new products and their most iconic lighting pieces: Castro Lighting, K-Lighting, LUXXU, UTU and Villa Lumi (lighting), Dedal (lighting and ceramics), Maison Valentina and Royal Stranger (furniture and accessories), Belo Inox, Cutipol and Herdmar (cutlery).

Let yourself be dazzled by the know-how of our master craftsmen and the quality, innovation and design of our products. These are the distinguishing features of the "made in Portugal" brand.

Visit our companies:

Belo Inox (www.beloinox.pt) Hall 1 - A26

Castro Lighting (www.castrolighting.com) Hall 7 - A53

Cutipol (www.cutipol.pt) Hall 1 - A6/B5

Dedal (www.dedal.pt) Hall 2 - F81

Herdmar (www.herdmar.com) Hall 1 - B24

K-Lighting by Candibambú (www.k-lighting.com) Hall 7 - E82/F79

LUXXU (www.luxxu.net) Hall 8 - C85

Maison Valentina (www.maisonvalentina.net) Hall 7 - E42/F41

Royal stranger (www.royalstranger.com) Hall 8 - C84

UTU (www.utulamps.com) Hall 6 - F38/G37

Villa Lumi (www.villa-lumi.com) Hall 7 - E93



We continue to illuminate Paris …

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We continue to illuminate Paris ... 

For the last 2018 edition of the international show MAISON & OBJET PARIS, to be held between 07 and 11 September, AIPI – Portuguese Lighting Association organizes the participation of ten Portuguese companies.

This joint participation has renowned Portuguese companies, which daily bet on unique and high quality products: Candibambú, Castro Lighting and Villa Lumi (lighting), Dedal (lighting and ceramics), Inpput (lighting and furniture), Gencork / Blackcork (solutions in cork), Royal Stranger (furniture), Belo Inox, Cutipol and Herdmar (cutlery).

But you can visit many other Portuguese companies during the 5 days of the fair. Let yourself be dazzled by the know-how of our master artisans, the quality and design of our products. Distinguishing features of the "made in Portugal" brand.

For more than 20 years, this fair has been the ideal place for business meetings and exchanges of creativity, providing solutions that meet the needs of visitors from all over the world. 

Visit our companies:

Belo Inox (www.beolinox.pt) Hall 1 - B26

Castro Lighting (www.castrolighting.com) Hall 7 - A105

Cutipol (www.cutipol.pt) Hall 1 - B6/C5

Dedal (www.dedal.pt) Hall 2 - F81

Gencork/Blackcork (www.gencork.com) Hall 6 - P30/O30

Herdmar (www.herdmar.com) Hall 1 - A68

Inpput (www.inpput.pt) Hall 6 - O89

K-Lighting by Candibambú (www.k-lighting.com) Hall 7 - B28

Royal stranger (www.royalstranger.com) Hall 7 - D157

Villa Lumi (www.villa-lumi.com) Hall 7 - F28



Portuguese design and quality in Germany

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Portuguese design and quality in Germany 

AIPI – the Portuguese Lighting Association organizes the participation of twelve lighting companies at Light + Building, which will take place from 18 to 23 March in Frankfurt, Germany. In this event the companies will have the opportunity to present the collections, internationally recognized for their design, quality and innovation.

The Portuguese group will be composed of twelve lighting companies: Begolux, Brilumen, Castro Lighting, Daylight, Delightfull, FB Internacional, Luxxu, Mambo, Next Light, Paulo Coelho, Valditaro and Vicente & Vicente.

Light + Building is a trade fair for innovation, covering all electrically based building services systems; it seeks to promote the integrated planning of building services systems with a product spectrum that is unique, both in its breadth and its depth. The world’s largest trade fair for lighting and building services engineering, Light + Building showcases solutions for reducing the energy consumption of buildings, at the same time as raising the levels of comfort within them. The show covers everything from LED and photovoltaic technology to electric vehicles, ‘intelligent’ ways of using electricity with ‘smart metering’ and ‘smart grids’. By combining lighting and networked building services, the industry can offer an integrated range of products and services that make a crucial contribution to fully exploiting the potential for energy savings in buildings.

Don’t miss this opportunity, visit our companies and meet the news of 2018:

Begolux (www.begolux.com): Hall 4.2 - C91

Brilumen (www.brilumen.com): Hall 4.2 - B38

Castro Lighting (www.castrolighting.com): Hall 6.1 - C34

Daylight (www.soflight.com): Hall 4.1 - K31

Delightfull (www.delightfull.eu): Hall 1.1 - F30

Fb Internacional [ENVY] (www.lightin-envy.com): Hall 6.1 - D24

Luxxu (www.luxxu.net): Hall 1.1 - G41

Mambo (UTU) (www.utulamps.com): Hall 5.1 - B42

Next Light (www.nextlight.pt): Hall 4.2 - H02

Paulo Coelho (www.paulo-coelho.com): Hall 5.1 - A68

Valditaro (www.valditaro.pt): Hall 5.1 - A81

Vicente & Vicente (www.vicentevicente.com): Hall 5.1 - A90


Portuguese companies in the City of lights

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Portuguese companies in the City of lights

The year began with one of the largest international fairs for Home, MAISON & OBJET PARIS, which took place between 19 and 23 January.

New year, renewed goals! MAISON & OBJET continues to be one of the national companies' preferences regarding fairs related to decoration and lighting and this first edition of the year will feature countless Portuguese brands.

Begolux, Belo Inox, Brabbu, Castro Lighting, Cutipol, Delightfull, Essential Home, Herdmar, K-Lighting by Candibambú, Luxxu Home, Luxxu Modern Lamps, Maison Valentina, Royal Stranger, Rug’Society and Villa Lumi was fifteen Portuguese companies that was present. This joint participation was organized by AIPI, the Portuguese Lighting Association.

MAISON & OBJET is the multicultural crossroads of contemporary living. Place for meetings and exchanges, the show welcomes exhibitors and visitors from around the world and showcases a high-quality international offer. It provides a comprehensive overview of the excellence and innovation that helps to share the best of creativity.

Portuguese brands at the fair:

Begolux (www.begolux.com) Hall 5B - R23

Belo Inox (www.beloinox.pt) Hall 5A - N44

Brabbu (www.brabbu.com) Hall 5B - M29/N30

Castro Lighting (www.castrolighting.com) Hall 5B - M47

Cutipol (www.cutipol.pt) Hall 5A - Q36

Delightfull (www.delightfull.eu) Hall 7 - E46/F45

Essential Home (www.essentialhome.eu) Hall 7 - E40/F39

Herdmar (www.herdmar.com) Hall 5A - M18/N17

K-Lighting by Candibambú (www.k-lighting.com) Hall 5B - Q41

Luxxu Home (www.luxxu.net) Hall 8 - B104/C103

Luxxu Modern Lamps (www.luxxu.net) Hall 8 - B103

Maison Valentina (www.maisonvalentina.net) Hall 5B - D26

Royal Stranger (www.royalstranger.com) Hall 5B - J24

Rug’Society (www.rugsociety.eu) Hall 5B - E41/F42

Villa Lumi (www.villa-lumi.com) Hall 5B - P34


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